Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Letter to My Blog

Dear Blog,

Don’t look at me like with your blank, white face staring back at me. I know you exist. I know my role – I’m supposed to show up occasionally and write on you. Regularly, you say? Regularly show up and write on you? I’m sorry to break this to you, but it won’t happen for a while.
What…you feel abandoned and naked? Listen, you and I need to come to an agreement. There will be times when life feels demanding enough and I don’t need a blog chasing me with guilt or pressure to write a few words on your screen.
Whether you realize it or not, I have some other writing to do which, at the moment, is taking all of the measly energy I have. What’s that? You’re wondering if I’m still writing that silly fiction stuff?  Yes…and no. Not at the moment, is the correct answer. I’ve put it aside and will finish it next year as my final thesis while I take a year to write some creative non-fiction. A not-so-pleasant family story. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I want you to know, blog, that there is a life beyond work and writing. Yup. Sometimes I like to go out and play with my friends – like our trip into Chicago last weekend to see a play in a small, 200-seat theatre where the performers were close enough to allow us to read their nuanced expressions and the looks in their eyes.
 I tried to block all writing from my mind and enjoy a carefree dinner before the show in a great little pub located in an old Brownstone (with TWO fireplaces). I planned to forget about you and words and my writing project and just relax, enjoying an autumn evening in the city. But it’s hard to run away from writing tasks and thoughts about my project when the play turns out to be about….books. We saw an adaption of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey which tells the story of a young girl whose passion for novels causes her to look at the events in her life with an unrealistic dramatic flair. A play based on a book telling the story of an avid reader of books. Just what I’d prescribe to someone looking to get their mind off words.
So here’s my meager attempt at keeping you happy – this tiny little post. In the future, let’s be clear that this is how it’ll be. Sometimes I’ll show up and write you a little post. Sometimes I won’t. Just don’t worry about me when I’m gone. I’m out living life, working on projects, enjoying family and friends or just wondering around my neighborhood clearing my head. And remember, I’m the creator and you’re the created.

Until next time,